First post!

All right, I’m gonna admit, this isn’t my first blog.  My others haven’t been very successful though so I’m hoping that this one accomplishes what the others couldn’t.  My biggest problem with most blogs is that they are incredibly self-indulgent.  No one, not even your best friends, really wants to hear about your plans to lose weight.  No one, not even your mother, wants to hear about why it’s not working with the new guy.  It’s the whiny, pathetic, depressing stuff that makes blogs annoying and unreadable.  Hopefully, I won’t get that far.

I want this blog to be a sort of record to trials and errors in doing crazy things with type 1 diabetes.  You see, I have big plans.  In the next 2 years, I want to:

1) Apply for a residency, maybe as a surgeon.

2) Go on a trip around the world…or more specifically, through Asia and Europe…for 5 months.

3) Run a half marathon (I cut back…I originally wanted to run a whole marathon, but I don’t currently run much so it seemed a little too ambitious).

4) Get my A1c below 6.0%.  Yeah, I said it.  Loftiest of the 4, I know.  But, it’s about life and I want to be around for awhile.  I think it’s a little nutso to be doing sub 6’s for the rest of eternity, but I’m banking on the idea that the journey there is going to be useful.

Before things go much further, I thought I’d explain the name.  There’s this novel by Haruki Murakami that I love called “A Wild Sheep Chase.”  Though it’s about many crazy things, at the end, it’s about this man finding himself and his purpose.  Medical school, growing up, traveling, and finally surviving with Type 1 diabetes is what this is all about.  By the end of it, I’m hoping that I can figure out where I’m going.

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